Adroit Advocates, LLC brings a unique combination of firepower, savvy, experience, and a track-record of success to the legal services that we provide. We aspire to be—and believe that we are—the type of attorney that we would hire:  sharp, nimble, and effective.


Solid credentials. Intellectual firepower. Experience. Got those. But they’re just a start. Diplomas can’t argue. Smarts aren’t judgment. And experience too often means stale comfort with the routine and humdrum. Sharp means—and we bring—more: Fresh. Pointed. Crisp. Smooth, but spirited. Confident, but not brash. Prepared, but not bogged down. Persuasive. We frame questions and issues anew; find options and obstacles that others miss; dig up key details and highlight them in brisk English, not stodgy “lawyer-ese.” We focus, peer ahead, anticipate, and outflank.


Autopilot? Slogging along? Just biding (and billing) time? Not us. We don’t “process” cases. We assess, build, argue, and try them. (And, yes, when appropriate, settle them.) We are mindful of strategy, but alert to context—diligent, but not dogmatic. As President John Adams reminded, “Facts are stubborn things.” He might have included judges and opponents. If the unexpected intervenes, we adapt, counterpunch, restlessly seek alternatives, and tack appropriately to steer a steady course to your mark.


We listen. Your goals are our goals. From negotiating peace to vindicating rights, we grasp them, hone them, and tailor a game plan to meet them. Our skills are your tools. We deploy them strategically. Pyrrhic victories aren’t effective; not every dispute belongs in court. We consistently meet client goals in challenging, belt-notching cases. Our attorneys have reversed an arbitration award; reversed a chapter 11 plan confirmation because no fact supported the court’s findings; and persuaded the Colorado Supreme Court to reject (unanimously) Colorado Ethics Watch’s attempt to regulate more political speech. Results count. We deliver.